Sherice griffiths
Writer / Director
Comedy Showreel
 When Dan and Shirley get the call from their solicitor to let them know that they've finally completed on their house and they're able to move into their dream home, Shirley realises that they may already be too late...
I am Sherlock Holmes - Short Film
After the devastating murder of Doctor John Watson, the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, finds himself being interrogated for murder. ​​​​​​​
Fluffy - Short Film
Rosie's cat has gone missing...
A short 60 second horror, made for Raindance #SixtySpookySeconds ​​​​​​​
iNTO THE WOODS - Short Film
Two warriors fight to the death in the name of honour and freedom. 
The Long Arm -  Short
Deep into a murder investigate Pierce is convinced that there is more to what happened in the woods.
Fallen Leaves - Short
A grieving son finally confronts his father about their rocky relationship. 
Project Blue - SHort Film
A mother and her alien-obsessed daughter go on a camping trip but when strange things begin to go missing, they’re not sure whether they’re really alone out there.